System Travel

Also known as System Hopping, Outrasystem Travel, Intersystem Travel, and likely many other terms.

Written by the Dödstöld Package multiplex in efforts to help reduce the stigma of System Travel and educate others.

System Travel is the act of system members travelling between their headspace/innerworld and the headspace/innerworld of another system. Often this is done between partner systems, QPP systems, or very close friend systems.
Not all systems funtion in a way that would allow System Travel to be possible, but many do!
Other forms of System Travel include the act of travelling outside of one's headspace/innerworld to other places; whether astral, metaphysical, or otherwise.

While System Travel is a very real and valid experience, there are unfortunately some who try to abuse it. Here are some red flags to look out for:

Content Warning for mentions of pregnancy and sensitive topics.
Another system or member of a system insisting that something happened within your system that no one recalls or that doesn't sound right with how your system works or completely goes against how certain members act. Often insiting that one of their members got a member in your system pregnant, that a member in your system loves a member in their system, that a member in your system got one of their members pregnant, that a member in your system is a danger and should be taken care of in someway, or other similar statements.Another system or member of a system insisting they can (and sometimes that they have) system hop or travel to your system without asking for consent first.Another system or member of a system ignoring the boundaries of your system or members of your system.Another system or member of a system using things that happened between them and members of your system in their headspace/innerworld or yours to manipulate, guilt trip, or to otherwise keep your system around.
Please keep in mind, though, that not all those who system travel are abusive or doing it to manipulate others and that Natalgenic members (or members who are the children of either two+ members of the same system or two+ members of different systems) are very much real and valid. However, there is a different between two or more loving partners from two or more systems who choose to have children together and when someone is pushing it on someone else.

For more Dos, Don'ts, and Safety precautions check out this Guide.

As much as there are red flags, there are also green flags as well.
Those who practice safe and consentual system travel will always ask for permission first.They will always be willing to talk about when they or others may have misremembered happenings in one of the headspaces/innerworlds between them and others.Any informantion that they share with the others they participate system travel with won't be something they use to control others. It will just be information they're sharing so the others are aware of it.They do not force others to system travel to their headspace/innerworld, nor do they force their way into others' headspaces/innerworlds.They respect the boundaries of others both while system travelling and while discussing system travel happenings.
For more Dos, Don'ts, and Safety precautions check out this Guide.

Debunking Misconceptions

"It isn't real." Not only is this invalidating to others' system experiences, but it is often based on the thought that system travel is the act of "transferring consciousnesses to another body" when that's not what system travel is. Along with this, we can not see into each others heads or experience what others are experiencing. Those who share this misconception also take the stance that it's "not scientifically possible," when we as societies have barely scratched the surface of science and all that it entails. This doesn't even go into the fact that science isn't the law of the universe. There are many things that beings will always guess and speculate on that will never be answered with concrete scientific proof. Whether because it's just impossible to get the data or unethical.

"It's just heavy suggestion." This is the same as saying it isn't real. It invalidates how other systems function and by extension it can invalidate system members' relationships, children they may have had with another member of a different system, and anything that has happened while a member is visiting in another headspace/innerworld. Again, we all function differently as systems and shouldn't apply how our system works to other people.

"It's only possible for spiritual systems." System Travel is based on how a system functions and doesn't have anything to do with origins, spirituality, etc. Many non-spiritual systems have functions where they are allowed to system travel.

"It's only a manipulation tactic." While many do abuse system travel in this and many other ways, healthy and consentual system travel is a very real thing. Instead of invalidating our peers, we should respect that we each know our own systems and system functions best. All of our experiences are real. Several bad apples don't spoil the rest of the harvest.

"It's only possible for Gateway Systems." There are many systems who don't have Gates and/or don't function like a Gateway System that do infact still system travel. Not all systems that system travel can travel to outside places other than their headspace/innerworld and the headpsace/innerworld of others.

"You're just creating introjects of the members in the other system." Introjects are different from actual system travel. This will be gone in-depth in the "Introjects vs System Travel" section of the carrd.

"System Travel is just intense roleplay."
Not at all. While certain types of System Travel, such as Narrating, might seem like roleplaying; there are differences between them. Where things that happen in roleplay aren't currently real experiences for those involved, System Travel are real experiences that are happening while the member(s) are travelling.

Introjection vs System Travel
The main difference between introjecting a member of another system and system travel is that the introject would be a permanent member of the system they introjected into; system functions pending. They wouldn't just be a visitor, even if they end up disappearing at times or something else happens to them.
Along with this, the introject and member they are an introject of wouldn't have all the same memories after introjection. Both of them wouldn't know about happenings in both systems without being told unless they have system travelled themselves.
Lastly, when a member system travels to another system's headspace/innerworld, they are no longer within their own headspace/innerworld during the time they are travelling to the other system. Though there are kinds of System Travel where they would still be able to use their system's body to interact and respond through Narrating, it is different than another system getting an introject of them.
In the end, being an introject of someone else is a different experience to travelling to another system or another place altogether.

Extra Information and FAQs

Do you need a headspace/innerworld to system travel?
While many people would say you do, it's not something that has a concrete answer. While we do not personally understand how such a thing would work, we would respect others' experiences and wouldn't rule something like this as impossible. There's so much we don't understand about the universe and it's not something we would take a stance on to tell others their experiences with System Travel while not having a headspace/innerworld is fake.

How does one System Travel?
Glad you asked! You can check out this guide.

If my system has functions that allows System Travel to be possibe, do I(&) have to travel?
Of course not. System Travel is very personal and your system should make your own educated decisions on what's best for your system.